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How to care of your hair at home.

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Caring for your hair at home can seem very overwhelming, especially when you’re not sure where to begin or what products to use, and don't get me started on the process. Below I will list a few steps you may or may not already know.

My goal is to give you every tool you need to help you in between appointments.

How to detangle dry hair without causing damage

Brushing your hair without causing breakage can oftentimes be easier said than done. The cardinal rule when trying to detangle hair is to brush or comb in small sections, starting at the ends and slowly and very gently working your way up. This way you can gently remove the tangles instead of aggressively trying to break through them by brushing from root to tip.

Moisturizing Hair Care Tips

Using a hair care product that’s not formulated for your hair type can have consequences, like dryness. When selecting a shampoo and conditioner, always check the hair care product label before purchasing. Avoid those with alcohol, which can strip away your hair’s natural oils and moisture, and look for moisturizing ingredients like avocado-, olive-, and almond oils, even further, ingredients such as how she butter improves your hair and skin, aloe vera, or glycerin are also known to be moisturizing.

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